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“Since starting Pilates with Gabrielle, I have found her program to offer an enriching experience that inspires a lifetime relationship with good health. It sharpens your focus on the body as a sum of its parts, all working together more efficiently and effectively. I find the breathing helps to not only centre and strengthen my body and mind, in times of stress, it also boosts my spirit and energy" Anna Grega, 15 April 2005

The Pilates Method is based on the concept that “Ideally our muscles should obey our will”. In order to establish a connection from mind to body Pilates uses the principles of concentration, control, centring, precision, fluent movement, elongation and breathing.

Pilates focuses on core control and deep stabilising muscles, as well as emphasising eccentric control (elongating the muscles). At Schieren Pilates we use specialised equipment, small props and weights as well as floor exercises.

We target the body in a holistic fashion in order to improve your posture, restore muscular balance, improve your strength, core control, flexibility, mobility and efficiency of movement as well as treating problem areas.

Who benefits from Pilates Rehabilitation?

Anyone who would like to improve their physical well-being, is recovering from injury, or suffers from
musculoskeletal conditions
such as

What will my consultation involve?

Depending on your condition and individual needs your initial consultation will consist of:

What to bring to your first consultation

Wear comfortable, not too baggy gym clothing & fresh socks.